About Susan Blesener

One secret to success is to know the diference between what’s priceless and what’s overpriced, what is worth your time and energy and what isn’t. This is true for people, for companies and maybe even for our planet. The Art of Value is about the many dimensions of value and how we make decisions about them.

Two days after I graduated from high school in Texas, I left on a trip around the world. I spent the most time in Nepal where I became fascinated with the contrast between people who had never previously seen a mirror and my own abundant life. In university, I studied economics and I have spent all the years since studying the relationships between value, money, happiness and time.

In my professional life, I’ve spent 20 years trying to figure out and explain how companies create–or should create–different types of value. I’ve worked on integrated reporting nearly full time since 2006, mostly in Europe, developing the art of holistic performance management and measurement.

In my personal life, alignment of values is what makes my relationships work or not work. What we value is a reflection of who we are.