Are ESG ratings broken?

SustainAlytics and GMI Ratings are two of the firms specifically targeted in a white paper published by the International Finance Corporation outlining the objectives of Global Initiative of Sustainability Ratings (GISR). Jantzi Research, the forerunner of SustainAlytics, was founded by in Canada … [Read more...]

The purpose of business

Listening to a friend talk about his restaurant last night, I got very inspired about how businesses can be such a powerful force for good. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, I highly recommend Jason Hartley’s Lovefood. Everything they serve really is prepared with love. Like any good … [Read more...]

Mandating integrated reporting

While France has required listed companies to report on certain social and environmental issues since 2001, a new degree on CSR reporting (Article 225 of Grenelle II Act) requires companies to report social and environmental information within annual financial and management reporting. This … [Read more...]

Why don’t we see opportunities?

The percent of companies that can describe the business opportunities presented by environmental issues is still in the single digits, while companies that report on opportunities linked to social issues is an even smaller minority—less than 1%. Companies do better at linking environmental and … [Read more...]

Winning integrated reports

As integrated reporting is increasingly seen as the future of corporate reporting, there has been an increase in the number of awards to recognize great integrated reports. It’s exciting to have more integrated reports, and more recognition of the work being done in this area. Most recently, the … [Read more...]